All-in-one solution that combines your accounting, inventory, CRM and more in a single cloud based system.


Streamline, simplify, and automate your financial operations.

Most business owners find that their financial data is inaccurate and they have to spend a lot of time inputting data into various systems, such as your accounting, CRM and inventory.

Yeoki Accounting offers a completely automated system that has been specifically designed for small businesses in mind. It allows you to easily sync all of your financial software systems to automatically update each one with the latest information.

Businesses waste too much time manually updating different systems due to lack of synchronization and functionality. You can learn how our products can help you be more productive and generate higher sales.

Unparallelled efficiency and accuracy

Automatically create invoices based on sales orders, inventory or timesheets
Yeoki will analyse incoming invoices and determine the company, date, invoice number automatically.
Perform real-time financial reporting and actionable analytics.

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