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Manage all aspects of your jewelry with ease. Our software offers solutions for all the needs a jeweler has. If you are producer, reseller or repairshop, Yeoki covers it all.

Managing a jewelry shop is not easy

Following up on orders/repairs, stock management, certificates, accounting, are some of the daily tasks you need to do as a jeweler.

If you are using an outdated software, Excel, or even paper, this can become a nightmare to manage.

The Yeoki software helps you with the streamlining of all your daily tasks. We have apps that help you with all the aspects of your jewelry.

Yeoki the all-in-one platform for jewelers


The Yeoki software has specialized modules built specifically for jewelers like: Repairs, Certificates, Accounting, Stock Management, Customer Follow-Up, Logistics, Supplier Order, and much more.


With the Orders app, you can create new orders for customers.
You have a clear dashboard with all your orders, so you can find orders with ease.
Does a customer call you with questions about their order? You will find it in no time.


The CRM app is where you manage all of your contacts. Customers, suppliers, contacts, etc...
With the CRM app you will have a clear insight of all the persons/companies your jewelry is in contact with.
Each contact has a page with all their details/orders/repairs/invoices. This will help you to find any information very fast.


Every customers wants to receive a beautiful, authentic certificate for their purchase.
With Yeoki you can create such a certificate. It can also be customized to match your current certificate/design.

Stock Management

Managing your jewelry stock with Yeoki is a piece of cake. You have a clear sight of what you have in stock.
You can calculate cost and profit for each product, order new stock from your suppliers easily, all inside Yeoki's platform.


If you handle your repairs yourself or send it to a workshop, we've got you covered.
Creating, organising, and following up on repairs has never been easier.
With the repairs dashboard, you can see at what stage the repairs at.
Automatic mails and SMS are sent when the repair is finished, this way your customer is notified quickly. No need to call the customer anymore.


Create invoices for orders/repairs, and send them to customers fast. Manage your incoming invoices. With Yeoki, you will have clear insight about your finances. At the end of each period you can easily download and send all the invoices to the accountant.

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