Manage and process sales orders quickly and accurately.

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Easily manage all your orders in one place

Manually handling orders and offers, updating stock and picking out the cheapest shipping cost can take alot of time.

If you have mutliple sales channels, such as online webshop and a physical shop, it is best to manage them all in one place.

Manage all your orders with ease in the Yeoki Orders app. Our visually appealing app promotes efficiency, by displaying a snapshot overview of your selling channels and offers. And that gives your customers the fast service they deserve.


Third party integration is what makes Yeoki really great.
Connect to these apps to get the most out of Yeoki: Amazon, Bol.com, Shopify, WooCommerce, DHL, DHL Express, DPD, MikroPakket, Fedex, and many more.

Amazon integration
Bol.com integration
Shopify integration
DHL integration
DPD integration
Mikropakket integration

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